Depending on which prerequisites they bring with them, and which educational aims they pursue, our pupils can select between different types of school, which they can attend during their time with us:




Johanneum grammar school


Most of our pupils attend the Gymnasium Johanneum, a state-approved grammar school, sponsored by the Catholic Bishop of Münster, which, like the boarding school, is located directly on the Loburg site.





Josef-Annegarn school


However, many also attend the Josef-Annegarn-Schule, a consolidation school consisting of the comprehensive secondary school and the intermediate secondary school. Located in the heart of Ostbevern, it can be reached from Loburg by bike within a few minutes.





Loburg Language Institute for our international pupils


Pupils who come to us from abroad and who speak insufficient German are taught at the boarding school’s own Language Institute and prepared for attendance at their subsequent schools. It may also be the case that some pupils only wish to attend a year’s language teaching before returning to their home country.




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